Hi everyone! Here’s my first ever blog post, I named my blog 88 little things because “the little things” inspire me most. So if you’re a fan of those intricate, sentimental little oddments, your in the right place!

Here’s my latest obsession, giraffes! This was an accidental project, I stumbled across the pattern on Pinterest one rainy cold day and just accidentally made one using some recycled cotton I intended to use for blankets. I say accidentally because I often start a project with no intentions of finishing it. I get bored easily and look for the next pattern. Anyway, this was the first toy I ever made so I’m rather proud of her. My little girl named her Zebby and she now sits proudly on our sofa with the other dollies! I just happened to watch a clip from a show when a giraffe gave birth, with all the other giraffes gathered round for support. I now have a new found respect for these beautiful creatures. I have had lots of requests to make more so one turned into a few. I found the pattern here if you want to give birth to one too đŸ˜‹



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