My ears are so cold right now!

imageImagine the above phrase as a Kelis song, it works. Man I was fooled by the beautiful sunshine flooding into my living room this morning, I almost left for the school run in flip flops! Thankfully, I opted for the DM’s but my ears were completely naked (how reckless of me I know). So most logical people would just pop out to the shops and buy a nice warm hat. If only I could think like that! Ever since I’ve learnt crochet I feel like buying hats is ‘cheating’, my fave handmade one is in the wash at the mo. So in true scatter brain fashion, I started a new project (I have many on the go). Here is the beginning of my new hat. Let the frustration of correct sizing commence, I like a challenge!  The sunshine fills me with optimism, I am looking forward to the summertime so much, but don’t be fooled by these bright days. It’s still blummin’ cold brrrrrrr , if I see another pair of naked ankles I’m gonna get a kidney infection just looking at them.


2 thoughts on “My ears are so cold right now!

  1. I love your style of writing! Can’t stop laughing right now 🙂 and you are right – it’s freezing cold outside. So I’m staying in art wrapped in a shawl with a warm cup of coffee.


    1. Haha! Thanks, I like to live up to my old lady image now and then. I’m doing the same, might even resort to a hot water bottle haha!


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