Springtime sunshine!

Well yesterday was super busy, as soon as the sun begins to shine it breathes life into me and I become so much more motivated to get out there and enjoy life (maybe the UK isn’t the best place for someone like me to live). I began my day by finishing a monkey for a little boy, he’s all ready in the bag to meet his new owner!image

Recently I have been looking at baby videos of my little girl and wondering where the time has gone to. We had such a lovely experience of growing veg while the neighbours chickens roamed around in our garden with the bunny rabbits (who ended up in the veg plots a few times nibbling the carrots Beatrix potter style). We have since moved to a flat without a garden to be in the school catchment area. We learnt so much about growing our own food and we will return to that lifestyle one day when we can afford to buy 😊 I can’t wait!Β 

So after a morning of reminiscing about the good old days we set off on a family bike ride around the castle headland with our girl on the trailer bike, to the swimming pool for a splash about, then biked home for a lunch and much needed coffee. Β In the afternoon we took her out on her proper bike for a practice, she’s making us so proud, and really improving each time, managing to turn round corners while pedalling and starting to use her breaks and stop on her own. We decided to just avoid stabilisers from the beginning and its really paid off.

She then spent some time running around shouting “look mummy, this is energy!” (Which ironically I don’t have much of since she’s been around so it was nice to be reminded) 😊 She is such an outdoors girl, and we enjoyed some pond watching (lots of newts to see where we live) and she spent ages watching a wiggly worm on the path find its way back to the soil. We Did some detective work finding the sweet scented flowers we could smell and finally wandered home for some tea.

After tea we had a sudden burst of creative energy and started work on a DIY dolls house from an old shoe box and I found that my wallpapering skills are still just as bad despite such small “walls” to cover!



Anyway, it was a lovely fulfilling and active day (and weekend) and I’m glad we made the most of it as the weather is shocking today. I’m really looking forward to some long bike rides in the summertime. Oh, I nearly forgot, we also met some baby lambs on Saturday for the first time, they were adorable and made the cutest little noises!  ❀️❀️❀️ Spring is in the air πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸŒ±πŸŒ±πŸŒ±πŸ’š


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