Rainbows and mermaids!

imageHi everyone! The months are flying by and the nights have already started drawing in but the warmer weather is finally here in sunny Scarborough and we are making the most of it!

I recently had a break from crochet and lost my inspiration and motivation for it completely! Too much of anything can make you sick I suppose (even giraffes ), I’m sure my fellow crochet addicts will relate. After a few weeks off, I continued with a project I have been working on gradually.

I had been searching for a mermaid tail blanket pattern for quite a while before I started, but I was struggling to find one that I loved enough to dedicate the time to. I wanted one with some detail on the blanket part but a sturdy tail fin with definition. In the end I combined two patterns to achieve the desired effect.

I fell in love with this yarn before I even found the pattern,  rainbows and mermaids go hand in hand surely?


I alternated each row with an Aran tweed style yarn to tone it down and give the shell/scale pattern some definition.

I used a free pattern from yarnutopia which is available in 3 sizes (up to adult, Yey!). I chose to leave it open at the back (to avoid feeling restricted) with a pouch at the bottom for feet. I made the blanket longer than suggested to allow room for my little girl to grow. I didn’t use the tail from this pattern as I wanted a different shape. Here is the link for the main part of the blanket:

Crochet Tutorial: Mermaid Tail Afghan Pattern—3 Sizes (Small: Child, Medium: Teen, Large: Adult)

I then searched for the tail fin pattern and discovered this one:



I doubled up the rainbow yarn on the tail fin and used a larger hook to create a chunky effect.

Overall, I’m so pleased with the outcome and happy that it’s a truely unique item. It’s a great summer blanket as we still have our chilly moments here, especially on an evening! I also took it to the beach and my little girl loved snuggling up in it after paddling in the sea, every little mergirl should have one! I hope you’re all enjoying the summer holidays too! Now where’s my next project?……….


2 thoughts on “Rainbows and mermaids!

    1. Hi Patricia, no sorry I don’t. Please try the links above to access the pattern details. The tail pattern in separate to the Finn pattern but other than that they are quite straight forward patterns to read/ follow. I hope this helps!


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